What does it cost?

The annual registration fee varies depending on when you sign up during the year, decreasing over time because the later you sign up, the less time you will spend with us until the end of the season.

Our fees are:

€ 175 September / October / November
€ 150 December / January
€ 110 February / March
€ 80 April / May
€ 50 June
€ 20 July

Only for the first year there is is a 20€ extra for the two manuals

Toastmasters is a nonprofit organization and none of the Executive Committee’s members shall receive a fee for their work.

Everything that the members pay is to cover living expenses, in particular the room rental and the share that each club pays to Toastmasters International (our parent company).

How many times can I come as a guest?

You can participate as a guest many times as you want, but only members can:

assume the role of speaker
receive the official Toastmasters manuals
have a mentor who follows them and accompanies them on the path of growth
cover assessment roles

What are these manuals? :)

Upon registration, members will receive 2 manuals:

Competent Communication (CC)
It can be assimilated to a real course of public speaking. It is divided into increasing difficulty projects, with suggestions and specific directions for the preparation of each project. It also contains information for the evaluation of the speech, according to standardized parameters.
Competent Leadership (CL)
It is similar to a corporate leadership manual: each role has difficulties or challenges in terms of leadership to be shown in the group. Toastmasters is a gym to learn to speak in public and/or to develop skills as a leader, each member has a dual path of growth and a double evaluation programme.

What about our logistics?

We organize two meetings per month (dates set at the beginning of the year, calendar) lasting from 18:30 to 21.

How long it takes to prepare a speech?

This is very subjective, it may take 4 hours or even more! Each speaker prepares one speech every 2/3 months, then 4/5 speeches a year. On average the base path (Competent Communicator – CC) is completed in two years.

How do meetings workt?

Every Toastmasters meeting is divided into 4 main sections:

3/4 Prepared Speeches: each one lasts between 5 and 12 minutes (depending on the project) it may be in Italian or English.
improvisation session (Table Topic): you receive a question and you have to improvise a mini-speech lasting at least 1 minute and maximum 2. Also non-members can attend.
Individual Guest speaker: Each speaker receives feedback of 3 minutes by an evaluator defined in advance, according to the project objectives.
Evaluations on technical topics such as respect of the time, the correct use of grammar and the use of fillers.
At the beginning of the evening we will be ask each guest to introduce themselves and, in the end, to leave his feedback on the meeting.

What is the difference between this club and the others in Milan?

The Xplorers and Milan-Easy are both bilingual clubs (Italian and English), while The Milliners is an English-only club.

TheXplorers began when Milan-Easy, the first club created in Italy, has become too big: a TM club should never exceed 38/40 members to give way to all members to participate actively.

The Xplorers has low average age and a more youthful spirit and not in the schemes, but at the same time has the “Senior” members who devote all their expertise for the benefit of all members and the club.

The ideal would be to participate in several meetings as a guest and then choose the one in which you feet best, because the best way to know us is surely to come and visit. We are waiting for you with open arms!