From the President, Cecilia Sartori

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Dear The Xplorers Colleagues,

our third season has just started, yet it’s already time to pack our bags! “To go where” you might wonder!

Well, we have to pack our bags because this year we have a very interesting trip into the Toastmasters Universe ahead of us!

In the season that ended last July we experienced the effort and commitment needed in the challenge of starting a new Club, building the foundations needed in order to prepare the ship to leave port and venture at sea. This has been possible due to the contribution of each and everyone of us, with our enthusiasm and the skills we bring into the group; we have made an excellent work, allowing the newborn Club to reach the milestone of becoming a Distinguished Club in the very first year of existence, and this is no small feat! I would like to thank you all for believing in this new adventure and having made this possible. It is also for this reason that I am truly honored to be serving as President, a very important and stimulating role.

And now? Where do we want to go? What other objectives do we want to reach?

This is a question that goes in two different directions: the first relates to our own personal objectives that each of us sets individually as Club Member, the other is the one we should aim for as The Xplorers, that is, for our Club.

Our own personal objectives are known only to each and everyone of us: improve as speaker, acquire more competence as a leader, or maybe defeating fears such as being in front of an audience and deliver a speech. But if you think about it, our own personal objectives in the end become objectives shared with every other Club Member, because we are at Toastmasters also for this very reason: to embark on a path together with other Colleagues who share our same fears, ambition and motivation. And this is what makes Toastmasters such a unique place, where every individual, with their own baggage of experience and motivation, blends with other individuals with the same expectations and objectives!

For this season, as a Club, we would like to set sail, leaving port and challenging the open seas. And we have a big opportunity ahead of us to make this happen: join a larger family, more heterogeneous, where we can measure ourselves with other Toastmasters and create a bond which will help us reach both our personal objectives and those of the Club. This family is called District 59!

District 59, which is the district that includes all the clubs in Continental Europe, is a big opportunity for those among us who want to measure themselves with even bigger challenges, but it as also an opportunity for those who don’t have such ambitions, as it will make possible to meet with others who, like us, have the same willingness to “dare”!

How can we prepare for this new adventure? As a starter, we can make our meetings more “international”, by embracing the opportunity given us by our bilingual Club to speak english (or italian for the non-italians) more often, without fear nor shame, by simply trying! We are also already working to organize events who will broaden the reach of our Club outside the Club Membership, with italian and foreign guests, something that will be beneficial for all of us, both in terms of growth within the club and in terms of relationships. But what really gives new lymph to the Club is you, it’s us! And the more we are, the better we will be able to grow. And this is why I encourage you to reach out to your friends and acquaintances and convince them to come and see with their own eyes what happens during our meetings.

As President, I encourage you to keep nurturing this willingness to improve, and reach the personal goals you have set for yourself, sharing this growth path with your Colleagues, giving them feedback which can help them improve, accepting with humbleness every suggestion that you will receive, because only doing so we all will be able to sail in the open seas, remembering that a ship at port is safe, yet that is not the reason for which the ship was built!
President, The Xplorers Toastmasters Club

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