Toastmaster Magazine available online

It is now possible to read the monthly “Toastmaster” Magazine online in digital format, directly from the Toastmasters International website, by clicking the following link:

The interesting thing, which makes it easier to reference the magazine content, lies in the fact that every article is also available in text format on the Toastmasters International website. It is a simple matter of clicking on the title, and you will be forwarded to the page with the chosen article in text format.

For example, by moving the mouse on this article of the March 2011 issue, you will notice that the text changes color, and the “tooltip” on the mouse pointer appears:


Clicking on the title, you will then be taken directly to the link with the article in text format, which in this case is:

Being able to create link in such a rapid fashion allows a much simpler way to share an interesting article with friends and colleagues, so they can quickly go directly to the online version of the article.

The Toastmasters International policy for the availability of the magazine makes every issue freely available online, except for the latest issue, which is only available to Toastmasters members who must access the website with their username and password.

The magazine is always full of great tips and useful information. Happy reading!

Luca Bertagnolio
The Xplorers Toastmasters Club
Milan, Italy

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